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Preventive maintenance is one of the most important things that must be done to your central air units.


Below are some pictures of what happens when preventive maintenance is done wrong, is your HVAC person Certified in preventive maintenance? WE ARE and so are our techs!

This unit was going off on high head pressure and not cooling when we got there, the owner said that the ac guy who came before us said the unit had to be replaced! We came in and noticed after chasing out the birds that the coils had to be acid washed, after we washed the coils the head pressure went back to normal and the room started cooling properly.

This person was told the unit was dead and needed to be replaced a $12,000.00 job. We came and noticed that the bottom of the return to the registers was rusted out so we repaired it with sheet medal and repaired the Freon leak after that the unit ran like the day it was first put in, not to mention we saved the owner over $11,500.00.

This blower motor had seen better days and could have lasted years longer if the proper filters were put in during preventive maintenance, instead cheap filters were put in and the dust collected on the fan motor causing it to over heat and burn out. We replaced the motor and now the unit is up and running.

This unit had a bower motor burn out do to the condenser unit coil not being acid washed causing the unit to over heat.

After time we designed what we call the coil blaster (patent pending) this unit puts out 50 psi and distributes 100 gallons per minute look at the picture bellow to see what this thing can do!




This unit was running at a 400 head pressure for r-22 that’s off the chart after we acid washed it with our coil blaster the head pressure dropped to 235 were it should be and the unit is running great.

This is one of my favorites, this unit is 12 years old and has never been coil washed and get this cheap filters were used too, look at what our coil blaster can do, the way the acid works is we spay it on and penetrate deep in to the coil fins then the acid foams up and pushes out the dirt after that its rinse time all the dirt is gone with in 10 minutes. Not only do we do it quicker we do it better hen anyone else.

WOW look at the dirt coming out of this unit.



That’s why you need an excellent and reliable HVAC repair service available 24 hours per day!

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